Best Hotel in Petra: Mövenpick Resort Petra

Petra, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, is Jordan’s most famous tourist destination. With numerous accommodation options available, selecting the best place to stay near Petra can be overwhelming.

While Petra can be visited as a day trip from various locations in Jordan, spending 2-3 days exploring this historic site is ideal. This is especially true if you’re part of a tour, as you’ll likely arrive in the late morning or early afternoon, when Petra is already crowded.

Therefore, staying in a hotel nearby offers several advantages. During our visit, my partner and I chose to stay in Wadi Musa, the town where Petra is located, for three nights.

After comparing several options, we selected the 5-star Mövenpick Resort Petra. As you may have guessed, we were extremely pleased with our choice.

I am confident that Mövenpick Resort Petra is the best hotel in Wadi Musa. Although I cannot comment on other hotels, several factors contribute to this belief, which I will share with you in this post.

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Why Mövenpick Resort is the Top Choice in Petra

Superior Guest Experience: Mövenpick Resort stands out for its exceptional service and comfortable accommodations, ensuring guests have a memorable stay.

Prime Location: Situated near the entrance of Petra, the resort offers easy access to the ancient city, maximizing exploration time for visitors.

Cultural Richness: The resort’s design reflects traditional Jordanian architecture, immersing guests in the local culture and history.

Culinary Delights: Mövenpick Resort offers a variety of dining options, serving authentic Jordanian dishes and international cuisine, delighting food lovers.

Sustainable Practices: The resort is committed to protecting the environment and supports the local community, aligning with eco-conscious travelers’ values.

Recreational Facilities: Featuring a pool, spa, and fitness center, Mövenpick Resort ensures guests have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Events and Conferences: With state-of-the-art meeting spaces, Mövenpick Resort is an ideal venue for business events and special occasions in Petra.

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